27.09.02 Greifswald, Mensa
28.09.02 Oschersleben, Alge
29.09.02 Gent (B), Frontline
01.10.02 Schwartzenberg, Unbeaterbar
02.10.02 Neustadt/Orla Trial
03.10.02 Zschopau, Highpoint
04.10.02 Bischofswerda Eastclub - Noisepoint VI
05.10.02 Haldensleben, JFZ Klub

Finland is already finished!
After a long journey through Sweden and Denmark, we managed ourselves in the middle of Rostock chaos; we couldn't find the right road but finally arrived to Greifswald. Lucky enough we pumped to Krishna (hostess of the evening) and she showed the venue to play at. We set up our gear and waited the Gorilla Monsoon guys whom also got lost trying to find the place! Both bands performed well and right from the beginning we got along together very well. We ended up heavy drinking and partying until early morning and Juha made a name for himself by hugging the toilet, so he was crowned as our “main toiletman”.


One more!
The place was a HC kind of club, crazy punk rockers around. Both Mika's experimented some dog's scheisse in the back alley and that was something to remember. Little bit partying after the gig (only till 4 o'clock) because we had to get up early to continue the tour. After spending almost 800 km's on autobahn, next stop was in Gent, Belgium.

On the road to nowhere.

Local fan from Oschersleben.

29/09/02 FRONTLINE, GENT (B)
Juha's traffic nightmare
We met the dudes from Plague Of Gentlemen and actually 90% of the crowd bought our promotion CD. Frontline was cool place to play and Gent was nice city to hang out; narrow streets, huge record stores plus weird nightclubs everywhere. Next day was day-off so we spent the time sightseeing and then started our journey back to Germany where we had some good time at Fjep's place in Leipzig.

At Fjep's place in Leipzig.

Greatest aftershow party ever!
Town was surrounded by fucking mountains and our fucking van was having hard time with that. Fucking crazy motherfucking gig and fucking GREAT aftershow party; Herrmann from Monsoon ripped his trousers into pieces… lots of beer and amazing music just for us! Funniest thing was a local hippie who talked only to flowers and the way how that guy moved on the dance floor with hands held high was out of this planet!

Herrmann the german is burstin' out!

Denim and human leather!

The Northmen and the Monkey Boys met the Weed Brothers
One of the best sets on this tour. Weed In The Head was 3rd on the bill and what a nice bunch of guys. Place was well crowded and again we couldn't help ourselves from partying. Completely drunk and high, Juha and Mika P. together with Herrm and Norm from Gorilla played a terrible jam session at 2 a.m. Sometime during the night, our cars outside the club got attacked by some local nazi punks, fuck 'em!

Weed In The Head.

Noisepoint crew; Katja, Fjep and Karsten "Smegmad" Richter.

More Sternburg…
After Neustadt we spent the next night and day relaxing at W.I.T.H.'s drummer's place. So, Thomas was our host and his home looked like stoner-heaven; he showed us his John Garcia's autograph and that will describe everything! The place we played was booked at last minute but some people showed up and it was alright. Norman from Monsoon took the stage by his underpants and boots. Stage was also decorated by women's bras (gift from the last gig) and Herrmann's trouser leftovers.

Thomas (W.I.T.H.) ..staring contest going on.

Bastards in Zschopau.

Smokey, smokey!
Easily best gig on the whole tour… Khale and Rodeo Queen were also with us on the bill. All we could remember was that on stage it was terribly hot! Lots of people jammed with us and also some friends came to see the show. Everybody was in the mood for a big party …Mika H. realised that black haired chicks are too hot to handle …to break some kind of record (?) we put like 20 people in a tiny room and went totally blackout with pot and booze.

The drunken bunch.

Olaf (Morbid Records) and boys.

Don't disturb their spirited conversation..

Want some?

Last Farewell
Last venue to play, so feelings were somewhere between high and low.. Both bands did OK but aftershow party was again something else! We hit the local pub and got ourselves some drinks and coolers. During the night, there was some vicious skateboarding back in JFZ. Pohto got hurt pretty badly!

Night in Hamburg with Jasmin and Torsten.

Obscene moment between Mika and Jasmin.

That was it! Tour was completed and by the next morning we separated with the Monsoon's. From Haldensleben we travelled to Hamburg. We hooked up with Jasmin (lead growler in Sufferage) and checked the excitement at Reberbahn. Right next door from the huge sex stores, we found a couple of real rock 'n' roll hellholes (Lehmnitz + Der Clochard) where we hit the jukebox and drank till 6 in the morning, then continued to Rostock to head back home.

Drumsters; Sandro & Juha.

To conclude our tour diary we would like to thank Karsten Richter and Noisepoint crew, all the bands and crowd who hanged with us… Vittu Saatana Mahtavata!!!

diary written by GODFORSAKEN